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Louisville, Kentucky

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Why Louisville, Kentucky might be annoying:

    The city made a lot of money transporting slaves.
    The population has consistently decreased since hitting a high in 1960. In 2003 Jefferson County merged into the city, tripling its population.
    It has many acceptable pronunciations.
    Muhammad Ali's requested draft exemption was turned down by their draft board (January 12, 1967). Due to this he was stripped of his Heavyweight Boxing crown.
    It supplies 1/3 of America's bourbon.
    The Louisville Colonels, first National League baseball game saw them become the first NL shutout victims, losing to the Chicago Cubs 4-0 (April 25, 1876).
    A month later they played in the first NL tie game, vs the Athletics: 2-2 in 14 innings (May 25, 1876)
    The Colonels set a baseball record by losing 26 straight games (1889).
    The Colonels lost to the Chicago Cubs 36-7 (June 29, 1897).
    In 1964, Charlie Finley wanted to move the then Kansas City A's to Louisville, it was voted down by all the other A.L. owners
    Prior to 1871, their street cars were segregated. Their schools did not integrate until 1956.
    It is known for unhealthy foods, such as fried chicken and the original cheeseburger.

Why Louisville, Kentucky might not be annoying:

    It consistently has a very low violent crime rate.
    The song 'Happy Birthday to You' was written here by Patty and Mildred Hill (1893).
    Although in a slave state, Louisville declared neutrality during the Civil War and went on to support the Union.
    They have a storytelling festival ever May 6th.
    It is the major hub for UPS.
    Louisville druggist John Colgan created the world's first chewing gum 'Taffy Tolu' (1873).
    Lewis Haslett patented the gas mask here (1849).
    Baseball's Louisville Slugger bats (Hillerich & Bradsby) are manufactured here.
    Baseball's famed kissing bandit, Morganna Roberts was born here
    The Colonels represented the NL in the final National League - American Association world series. The series ended in a tie (1890)
    Louisville Colonel's Tony Mullane became the first ambidextrous pitcher (1882).
    Big Spring Country Club was home to the 34th PGA Championship (1952).
    The 2nd and 5th American Basketball Association All-Star Game was played here (1969, 1972).
    University of Kentucky-Louisville won the 42nd and 48th NCAA Men's Basketball Championship (1980, 1986)
    Their NCAA coaches included Lee Corsoand Rick Pitino.
    Louisville's Kathy Klobe was the first woman to suit up for an NCAA Division 1A Game (1995).
    Movies 'Goldfinger,' 'Stripes' and 'Elizabethtown' were filmed here.

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