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Public Enemy

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The Resume

    (1982- )
    Chuck D (Carlton Ridenhour, August 1, 1960)
    DJ Terminator X (Norman Lee Rogers, August 25, 1966)
    Professor Griff (Richard Griff)
    Flavor Flav (William Drayton, March 16, 1959)
    Raps include 'Fight the Power,' '911 is a Joke,' 'Can't Do Nuttin' for Ya Man,' 'Brothers Gonna Work It Out,' and 'Bring the Noise'

Why they might be annoying:

    Professor Griff often made anti-Semitic remarks on stage and in an interview he said that Jews were responsible for 'the majority of the wickedness that goes on across the globe' (1989).
    Flavor Flav's trademarks were giant sunglasses, his hat turned sideways, and an alarm clock on a string around his neck.
    In a notorious statement, Chuck D claimed that rap was 'the Black CNN,' relating what was happening in the inner city in a way that mainstream media could not project. Their lyrics were naturally dissected in the wake of such a statement, and many critics were uncomfortable with the positive endorsement of Black Muslim leader Louis Farrakhan on 'Bring the Noise.'
    All the members (especially Flavor Flav) were repeated drug offenders, and all had been in jail at some point in time for various crimes.
    The group is really good friends with Spike Lee, and the video for 'Fight the Power' was directed by him.
    Despite rapping about how the black community was being mistreated by the 'white government,' most of Public Enemy's fans were young white males.

Why they might not be annoying:

    They basically rewrote the rules of hip-hop, becoming the most influential and controversial rap group of the late 1980s and, for many, the definitive rap group of all time.
    1991's 'Apocalypse 91 ... The Enemy Strikes Black,' the group re-recorded 'Bring the Noize' with heavy metal band Anthrax, which was the first sign that the group was trying to consolidate its white audience.
    For some reason they toured with the second leg of U2's Zoo TV tour in 1992.

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