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The Resume

    (circa December 2000- )
    Born in Nashville, Tennessee
    Television channel aimed at rural audiences
    RFD stands for Rural Free Delivery, which is what the rural mail service in the US was once called
    Available on numerous satellite and cable systems and on broadcast in some areas

Why RFD-TV might be annoying:

    It broadcast a lot of corny, godawful country western music shows like Pop Goes the Country and Hee Haw but covers little modern C&W.
    It broadcasts Imus in the Morning. Huh?
    Some of its shows are infomercials for feed, pesticide, or farming equipment companies.

Why RFD-TV might not be annoying:

    It's available through broadcast in many areas so even those who can't afford cable or satellite can get it.
    It has many strikingly original and informative programs featuring the history of farming techniques and equipment.
    It has run a series on antique trains
    Unlike most rural programming, it does not concentrate on the American Southeast, but has shows featuring topics from the Midwest, the Great Plains States, other parts of the US and even Canada and Latin America.
    It really does have shows containing practical information for farmers.
    It starts its morning programming with an incredibly cool block of shows about horses.
    They don't go overboard with religious programming.

Credit: tom_jeffords

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