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Rachel Zoe

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The Resume

    Born in United States
    Birth name is Rachel Rosenzweig
    Raised in Millburn, New Jersey
    Star of Bravo's 'The Rachel Zoe Project'
    A-list celebrity stylist

Why she might be annoying:

    She was criticized for having a painfully thin build.
    She loves wearing over sized sunglasses and faux fur.
    She is a self-described 'control freak.'
    She overuses the word 'literally,' and suffers from a bunch of 'right now' health problems when stressed.
    Her voice sounds like a hybrid of an elite New Englander and a California valley girl.
    She loves the city of London, but wouldn't live there because she'd get too pale.

Why she might not be annoying:

    She attended George Washington University, where she studied sociology and psychology.
    She was 'credited' with giving Nicole Richie a chic, glamorous look.
    She wanted to create an affordable vintage clothing line.
    She refers to her celebrity clients as 'my girls.'
    She doesn't like confrontation or bossing others around.
    The endless number of 'disasters' she encountered made 'The Rachel Zoe Project' a popular show for Bravo.

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