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Dylan Klebold

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The Resume

    (September 11, 1981-April 20, 1999)
    High school student
    Shot up Columbine High School with Eric Harris (April 20, 1999)

Why he might be annoying:

    He took it on himself to decide who should live and who should die.
    He and Eric killed thirteen people (twelve students and a teacher) and wounded twenty-eight in their shooting spree. He then committed suicide.
    He and Eric were arrested for breaking into a van in January 1998.
    Although he shot up the school with Eric, he knew Brooks Brown for a much longer time.
    He said in one of his yearbook entries, 'Kill Hanson, kill Jiggy, kill Puffy.'
    The shooting was on April 20th, Adolf Hitler's birthday.

Why he might not be annoying:

    He was constantly picked on in school and slammed into lockers by the popular crowd.
    He went to the prom with the girl who supplied them with guns.
    He and Eric planned the shooting for the 20th because they knew she wouldn't be in school.
    Many outcast students, feel he is a role model.
    His hair has very good volume.
    He was the reason Eric Harris and Brooks Brown put up with each other at all.
    He is constantly labeled a Nazi although he was Jewish.
    He and Eric are only connected to the Trenchcoat Mafia because Dylan was friends with two members (they were not participants).

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