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The Resume

    Born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
    1987-90 line-up:
    'Dizzy' Dean Davidson, lead vocals and rhythm guitar
    Michael Kelly Smith, lead guitar
    Billy Childs, bass guitar and keyboards
    Johnny Dee, drums
    Recorded the albums 'Britny Fox' (1988), 'Boys in Heat' (1989) and 'Bite Down Hard' (1991)
    Recorded the singles 'Long Way to Love' (1988) and 'Girlschool' (1989)

Why they might be annoying:

    They have been through numerous line-up changes, breakups, and reunions, with bassist Childs the only constant.
    Davidson quit the band just before the start of a tour, forcing the rest of the group to cancel (1990).
    Davidson called their music 'prefabricated' and complained that the band had been 'controlled by management and the label.'
    On their third album, they abandoned their 'Victorian glam' look for jeans and t-shirts in a futile effort to remain relevant during the grunge era.

Why they might not be annoying:

    They took their name from one of Davidson's Welsh ancestors.
    Original drummer Tony Destra was killed in a car crash (1987).
    Destra and Smith had been members of Cinderella, who helped them secure a deal with a major record label.
    They were voted best new band by readers of 'Metal Edge' magazine (1988).

Credit: C. Fishel

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