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Donald Crump

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Sports Executive

The Resume

Why he might be annoying:

    He went by his middle name, instead of his first name, John.
    His name sounds similar to Donald Trump’s.
    He got into the sports world through his friendship with Harold Ballard.
    He brought a bullwhip to his introductory press conference as CFL commissioner.
    He approved the sale of the Ottawa Rough Riders to Bernard & Lonie Glieberman, which set the wheels in motion for the franchise’s slow death.
    He looked older than he actually was.
    He faded into obscurity following his brief stint as CFL commissioner.

Why he might not be annoying:

    He worked as a lawyer for the Canadian National Revenue Agency, prior to landing in sports.
    He was credited with keeping Harold Ballard in check from doing anything stupid.
    He was considered a surprise pick for the CFL’s commissioner position, but in the end it was the right one.
    He was appointed commissioner at a time where the league was rife with financial woes that nearly shut it down as a whole.
    He was able to secure a television deal for the league at a time when media exposure was lacking.
    He presided over the sale of the Toronto Argonauts to the ownership group of John Candy, Wayne Gretzky and Bruce McNall.
    He oversaw the appointment of the first female general manager in the North American professional sporting ranks (although it didn’t get much fanfare like Kim Ng‘s hiring did).
    He was credited with helping the CFL avoid folding altogether.

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