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Douglas Walker

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The Resume

    Born in Illinois
    Founder of
    Best known for 5 second movies and his characters: The Nostalgia Critic, Chester A. Bum and That Guy with the Glasses

Why he might be annoying:

    He uses A LOT of profanity.
    He's been suspended several times from Youtube because his '5 second movies' tiptoe around copyright laws.
    It got so bad, he once resorted to giving each video it's own Youtube account.
    His website has a history of crashing and the videos being rendered unavailable.
    When his nostalgia critic character first appeared, he was accused of being an Angry Video Game Nerd ripoff.
    He looks like Weird Al Yankovic.

Why he might not be annoying:

    His videos give a true sense of nostalgia and bring back memories (both good and bad).
    His '5 second movies' are technically protected under fair use.
    To escape being labeled an AVGN ripoff, he launched a satirical feud with the character which led to collaborations with James Rolfe.
    His website hosts other aspiring talents.
    To not alienate female fans, he appointed a 'Nostalgia Chick' to review material that appealed primarily to girls.
    His reviews are often peppered with references to under-appreciated films.
    In addition to the videos, he also works as a professional illustrator.
    He adds new content to his website on a very regular basis.

Credit: Alexo

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