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Nada Surf

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The Resume

    (1992- )
    Formed in New York
    Matthew Caws - Vocals/Guitar
    Daniel Lorca - Bass
    Ira Elliot - Drums
    Recorded the albums 'Karmic,' 'High/Low,' 'The Proxitimy Effect,' 'North 6th Street,' 'Let Go' and 'The Weight is a Gift'

Why they might be annoying:

    Their song 'Blankest Year' opened with the lyrics 'Oh fuck it.'
    Their original drummer quit.
    Their album 'The Proximity Effect,' was a failure, despite following 'High/Low,' which featured their most famous single 'Popular.'
    Their song 'Always Love' features the lyrics 'Always love/hate will get you every time.'
    What is 'Nada Surf' supposed to mean?
    They were featured on 'The O.C.'
    They originally were called 'Because Because Because.'

Why they might not be annoying:

    They are considerably more upbeat than most indie bands aimed at teenage girls.
    They are very well received by critics.
    Matthew Caws and Daniel Lorca were school friends.

Credit: Orange Squirrel

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