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Dieguito El Negrito (Circus Wild Boy)

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The Resume

    (November 13, 1954- )
    AKA: The Wild Boy; The Rubber Boy.
    Appeared on 'The Sally Jesse Raphael Show,' 'The Dr. Joy Browne TV Show,' 'The Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers,' 'Star Trek,' 'The Animal Planet - The Most Extreme' and 'Ver Para Creer'
    Starred in 'El Castillo De Los Monstruos,' 'Billy Jack Goes to Washington' and 'Los Phenomenos'

Why he might be annoying:

    He would growl and howl, scaring little children and gullible grown ups.
    He chewed on raw bones to shock his audience.
    He scratches himself like a dog.
    Dieguito rolled on mud or dirt, before his performances, to have that dirty wild look.
    He painted his face black using burnt cork and was given the nickname, 'Dieguito El Negrito' by the local black kids.
    In another sideshow, he performed as a 'Fortune Teller' and an 'Idiot Savant.'
    He wished he was born with Hypertrichosis.

Why he might not be annoying:

    He used to get beat up by local bullies and his younger sister would come to his rescue.
    The same kids who beat him up paid to come see him in the circus.
    Because he had difficulty talking, a teacher taught him sign language to communicate.
    He was born with light Ellen/Dawnlo Syndrome, which gave him an unusual walking gait and semi elastic skin.
    Dieguito was diagnosed as being 'Mentally Retarded' when he was three. When he turned ten, it was discovered that it was a learning disability.
    He is an honorary 'Wolf Person.'
    Dieguito travels with 'The Wolf People' as an assistant and interpreter.

Credit: Rebel Wolf

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