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Vancouver, British Columbia

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The Resume

    (April 6, 1886- )
    Located in British Columbia, Canada
    Host of the 1986 World Exposition (Expo 86)
    Future host of the 2010 Olympic games (alongside the city of Whistler)

Why Vancouver, British Columbia might be annoying:

    It rains constantly.
    Tourists are often weary of the city due to its aggressive panhandlers and homeless population.
    Their citizens rioted in the streets and caused thousands of dollars in damages after their hockey team, the Vancouver Canucks, lost in game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals to the New York Rangers (1994) and caused even more damage to the city's reputation when the team lost in game 7 to the Boston Bruins (2011).
    It is home to the Brandi's strip club, which was instrumental in the break-up between Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez (2003-04).
    While Vancouver is used to stand in for American cities in Hollywood movies, one of the only Hollywood films that took place in Vancouver, 'Ballistic: Ecks vs. Sever' (2002), was a really bad movie.
    The public transit system is run by money hungry incompetents who allowed a city-crippling bus drivers strike to last more than three months (2001).
    It has earned the nicknames 'Vansterdam' due to its prevalent marijuana market and 'Hong Kouver' because of its prominent Chinese population.
    Killjoy citizens do their best to shut down fun annual events such as the Molson Indy and the yearly fireworks festival.
    Their NBA franchise, the Grizzlies, held the record for most losses in a season, right before the team was sold and moved to Memphis.

Why Vancouver, British Columbia might not be annoying:

    For all their problems, it is still considered a world-class city.
    It is home to celebrities such as Kristen Kreuk, Bif Naked and Kurt Russel.
    It is one of the few cities out there where one can go golfing, then rollerblading, then snowboarding, all in the same day.
    Its multi-cultured demographic makes it so one can find a good restaurant serving any authentic ethnic cuisine (Japanese, Chinese, Indian, Italian, etc.) without having to venture too far.
    There are many tourist attractions ranging from Science World (formerly Expo Centre) to Stanley Park.
    They are home to a major jazz festival.

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