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Olivia Manning

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The Resume

    Birth name is Olivia Williams
    Matriarch of the Manning Family
    Originally from Philadelphia, Mississippi (later resided in New Orleans, Louisiana)
    Married Archie Manning, in 1971
    Mother to Peyton, Cooper, and Eli Manning
    Founding member of the Manning Family Foundation (Founded in 1988) and the New Orleans-based charity for Hurricane Katrina victims, Women of the Storm
    Co-chaired the Longue Vue House & Gardens fundraiser, 'Sentimental Journeys' (1999)
    Chair of the Audubon Zoo’s annual 'Whitney Zoo-to-Do' (2013)

Why she might be annoying:

    She embarrassed her son with his teammates by publicly admitting to calling him 'Peytie Pie.'
    Eli admitted to getting his antique shopping hobby from following her around as a kid.
    While nowhere near her family's current stature, she was born into money (her grandfather had started a successful grocery store in the area).
    Her first encounter with her future husband - giving him a ride to campus from town - was an awkward one (he had shaved his head for football season and didn't want to speak to girls until his red hair had returned).
    An early photo published of her depicts her cheering Archie Manning on during an Ole Miss-Alabama game and wearing an 'Archie for Heisman Trophy' pin, while excited fans can be seen behind her proudly waving Confederate flags (not all that unusual for the period, but awkward as hell in retrospect).
    Her and her family's excited celebration over her second oldest's winning Super Bowl 50, and Eli's perceived 'dejected' reaction, went viral, attracting widespread photo-shopping and parody.
    That she had been widely known to 'dote on' Eli, the youngest by seven years and 'the baby of the family,' the attention surrounding the clip gets even more awkward (mom's got a new favorite, dammit!)
    She hosted a 'Black and Gold' Super Bowl party for Saints fans and Drew Brees' wife the day before they went on to beat the Colts - and Peyton - in the 2010 match-up (talk about a conflict of interest).

Why she might not be annoying:

    She has been affectionately named 'the First Lady of Football.'
    She was a member of the Delta Gamma sorority.
    She was Homecoming Queen her senior year of college (in 1971, the same year she married Archie).
    She was Archie's rock both when he worked to finish college after his father's death, and later during his shaky NFL career.
    She strongly supported both her sons in their NFL careers (and has four rings between them to show for it).
    The day after they returned from their honeymoon in Acapulco, Archie began his career as an NFL quarterback with the Saints.
    She bonded more strongly with Eli because her husband was more actively involved with their two older sons and their sports (the bond became stronger when Peyton/Cooper left for college).
    New Orleans Magazine named her a New Orleans Top Female Achiever for 2014.
    She is a frequent host/presenter for charitable events and banquets.
    She is active with charitable initiatives with the Junior League, the American Red Cross, and the American Heart Association (including its Go Red For Women campaign).
    When asked about having two sons in the NFL, she said: 'I’m really proud of the boys – of the ways that they have found ways to give back [with their Foundations] ... I’m just as nervous about them in the NFL as I was when they were in high school.'

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