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Lili Aceves (The Wolf Girl)

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The Resume

    (1981- )
    Niece of Manuel The Wolfman
    Sister of Chuy The Wolfboy
    Was interviewed for several television documentaries and for movie roles, but seldom was paid for them
    Performed in various circus in Mexico and The United States
    Performed in the circus with Veekay the Clown, as Lili & The Wolf (1999)
    Child was born with Hypertrichosis
    Appeared on 'Ripley's Believe or Not,' 'Guinness World Record,' 'TLC - Myths & Monsters,' 'TLC - Legends' and 'Discovery Channel - Sideshow Special'
    Married 2001

Why she might be annoying:

    She refuses to learn English.
    She doesn't want to tour anymore.
    She dresses like a boy.
    She refuses to shave.

Why she might not be annoying:

    She was born with Hypertrichosis.
    She holds a regular job.
    She does not mind being called 'Wolf Girl.'
    She thinks freaks are beautiful people.
    She is proud of her hair and sees it as a gift from God.
    She is often exploited.
    She has a sweet voice, beautiful smile and friendly demeanor.
    Some find her attractive and sexy in her 'show gowns.'
    She is very feminine.
    She has had several suitors.
    She is a police officer.

Credit: Dieguin

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