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Dwayne Schintzius

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Basketball Player

The Resume

    (October 14, 1968-April 15, 2012)
    Born in Brandon, Florida
    7'2 tall
    Attended University of Florida
    Chosen 24th overall in the first round of the draft by the San Antonio Spurs (1990)
    Played for the San Antonio Spurs (1990-91), Sacramento Kings (1991-92), New Jersey Nets (1992-95), Indiana Pacers (1995-96), Los Angeles Clippers (1996-97) and Boston Celtics (1999)
    Appeared in the film 'Eddie' (1996)

Why he might be annoying:

    He sported 'the mullet to end all mullets.'
    He repeatedly clashed with Florida coach Norm Sloan, including refusing to re-enter a game during the SEC Tournament (1988).
    He was suspended four games after hitting another student with a tennis racket in an altercation outside a nightclub.
    He said, 'I've been basically a brat, a horse's patoot. I'm probably the most hated player in the country.'
    His college career came to an abrupt end when he quit 11 games into his senior season following a falling out with new coach Don DeVoe.
    His NBA career was plagued by injuries and he never played in more than 43 games in a season.

Why he might not be annoying:

    His mullet had its own nickname, 'the Lobster.'
    He played a major role in leading the Florida Gators to their first three NCAA Tournament appearances ever.
    At the time of his death, he still held the Gators' career record for blocks (272).
    After Spurs general manager Bob Bass demanded that he shave his mullet, he sent Bass the shavings in an envelope.
    He underwent two bone marrow transplants for chronic myelomonocytic leukemia.

Credit: C. Fishel

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