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Rich Little

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The Resume

    (November 26, 1938- )
    Portrayed various characters on 'The John Davidson Show,' 'The ABC Comedy Hour,' 'The Julie Andrews Hour' and 'The Rich Little Show'
    He acted on the T.V. series 'Love on a Rooftop'

Why he might be annoying:

    He can only go so long without breaking into an impression of some kind.
    An attempt at an acting career ultimately failed.
    He achieved the rank of Queen's Scout in the Boy Scouts of Canada.
    He's been divorced.
    He cracked himself up before saying something funny, probably trying to remember his next line.
    Even when he talks with his real voice, it sounds like he's doing an impression.
    His name is close to Little Richard.

Why he might not be annoying:

    In the late 1960s he was dubbed 'the best impressionist in the world.'
    He honored many of the celebrities he impersonated on the 'Dean Martin Celebrity Roasts.'
    He's active in several charities that benefit children.
    He was a frequent guest on 'The Ed Sullivan Show' and Johnny Carson's 'Tonight Show.'
    He was the first to impersonate Johnny Carson, primarily by doing Carson's mannerisms.
    He would not only study the voice of those he wished to imitate but also their characteristics and mannerisms.
    He can do impersonations of everyone from John Wayne to Jean Stapleton.
    He realized his talent when he was young, and turned it into a career.

Credit: Dangdangdillio

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