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Marvin Lewis

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Football Coach

The Resume

    (September 23, 1958- )
    Head coach, Cincinnati Bengals (2003- )
    Assistant head coach, Washington Redskins (2002)
    Defensive coordinator, Baltimore Ravens (1996-2001)
    Assistant head coach, Pittsburgh Steelers (1992-1995)

Why he might be annoying:

    Some suggest the Bengals only hired him in an effort to ease strained relationships between blacks and whites in Cincinnati.
    He drew criticism from football analysts for taking the head coach job for the hapless Bengals in 2003, when other teams were ready to offer him more money.
    He has to put up with Chad Johnson's antics.
    Even though he improved the Bengals to 8-8 in 2003, he couldn't convince Corey Dillon to stay.
    Bengals fans were not happy when he demoted Jon Kitna from starting quarterback in favor of Carson Palmer before the 2004 season.

Why he might not be annoying:

    Because he has turned the Bengals from a laughing stock into a semi-respectable team, he gets more fan mail than any head coach in the NFL.
    When he took the head coach job for the Bengals, he asked that owner Mike Brown stop having so much control over the day-to-day operations because 'it didn't work for 13 years, and it ain't gonna work in the future.'
    When being asked why he chose to coach the Bengals, he said 'I feel there is more work to be done with them as opposed to other, more established teams. I look at this roster, and I don't see a team of losers. I see a team of good players who just haven't learned how to win yet. That's where I come in. There is nothing wrong with this team that good coaching and leadership won't fix.'
    To show his desire to be with the Bengals long term, he bought a house in Cincinnati and does lots of charity work in the area.
    Because of the rapid turnaround in the Bengals' performance and their fans' spirits over the team, Bengals fans call him the 'black Jesus' or the 'Bengals Messiah.'
    When asked what he thought of the claims that he was hired because he was black and the Bengals wanted to help black-white relations in Cincinnati, he said 'that is the kind of thing an idiot would say.'

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