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Walker, Texas Ranger

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TV Series

The Resume

    (April 21, 1993-May 19, 2001)
    Originally shown on CBS
    Chuck Norris as Cordell Walker
    Clarence Gilyard as Jimmy Trivette
    Sheree J. Wilson as Alex Cahill
    Noble Willingham as C.D. Parker (1993-99)
    Nia Peeples as Sydney Cook (1999-2001)
    Judson Mills as Francis Gage (1999-2001)
    Premise: A Texas Ranger with martial arts skills and old-fashioned values fights crime in the Lone Star State

Why Walker, Texas Ranger might be annoying:

    It was unrealistic, as the cops (especially Walker) used martial arts as its primary law enforcement tool.
    Cahill, Walker's girlfriend, was kidnapped repeatedly during the show’s run.
    It relied on many clichéd TV elements.
    There were many complaints about its violent content, causing it to be toned down the last few seasons.
    It had an over-reliance to Native American and Eastern philosophical themes.
    It was influenced by its sponsors. The bad guys always drove Fords and the good guys Dodges or Chevys.
    Chuck Norris sung the theme song.

Why Walker, Texas Ranger might not be annoying:

    It was Chuck Norris' finest acting hour.
    Much of the series was filmed in Texas. It even cast Dallas and Fort Worth residents as extras.
    It put emphasis on community service participation and had an anti-drug message.
    It combined the Old West code with modern times and technology.
    Conan O'Brien memorably incorporated 'Walker' clips into his show with the pull of a lever. It was to demonstrate that the NBC/Universal merger allowed him to show the clips for free.

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