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Lennox Lewis

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The Resume

    (September 2, 1965- )
    Raised in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada
    Knocked out Riddick Bowe to win the gold medal, representing Canada, at the Summer Olympics (1988)
    WBC, IBO and WBA Heavyweight Champion of the World (beat Oliver McCall and beat Evander Holyfield - twice, kinda)
    Ended Don King's legacy as the promoter of a Heavyweight Champion
    BBC's Sports Personality of the Year
    Retired from boxing (February 6, 2004)
    Appeared in commercials for Red Stripe Beer

Why he might be annoying:

    He lost his heavyweight title to underdog (15-1 odds), Hasim Rahman, because he took him lightly (then destroyed Rahman in the rematch - November 17, 2001).
    He usually sticks his index finger up to represent that he is number 1.
    Fluke knockouts to Hasim Rahman and Oliver McCall drew critics to question how great a heavyweight he should be remembered as.
    After winning his fights, he celebrates by telling stories with his friends and playing chess.
    He has been criticized as being too strategic and not enough of a brawler in the ring.
    He was stripped of his WBA title for refusing to fight a boxer with hepatitis B.
    He has a weak chin.
    It was widely speculated that he was scared to fight Mike Tyson for their June 8th, 2002 battle, making sure the contract for the fight had them seperated right up until the bell.
    When speaking, he constantly transfers from using a British accent to a Jamaican one.
    He had an endorsment deal with FCUK.
    According to, he plays chess with Woody Harrelson and golfs with Will Smith.

Why he might not be annoying:

    With his 8th Round knockout of Mike Tyson, he cemented his legacy as the best boxer of his era.
    He stood up to Don King and still refuses to associate with him.
    Mike Tyson paid $4 million to avoid fighting him and instead fought the inferior, Bruce Seldon (1996).
    He made Oliver McCall cry in the fifth round of their fight (February, 1997).
    The judging in the 'Holyfield - Lewis I' fight was fixed to keep Lewis from winning Holyfield's heavyweight belts.
    He avoids bad promoters and bad managers (since 1995, he's being trained by Emanuel Steward - the best trainer in boxing).
    He is one of the most good natured boxers in professional competition.
    He ranked #34 in Forbes Power List (2000).
    With avenging the only two losses of his career with huge victories, he is one of the only boxers to have virtually defeated everybody he has ever stepped in the ring with.
    He spends 3 months of the year with his mother in Canada.
    He retired as the World Heavyweight Champion (February 6, 2004).
    Some information provide by: NoMercy

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