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Taos, New Mexico

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The Resume

    (1795- )
    Located in Taos County
    Population: 5,929 (2019 census)
    30th most populous city in New Mexico
    Principal town in the Taos micropolitan area
    Incorporated as a town in 1934

Why Taos, New Mexico might be annoying:

    It has extremely warm summers and freezing cold winters.
    It receives 300 inches of snow per year on average, bucking the state's reputation of being a desert.
    It was the site of a revolt in 1640 that saw the Taos people murder a priest and flee the pueblo for 20 years afterwards.
    It was the site of a turf war between the Pueblos and the Comanches in the 1700's.
    It was the site where American governor Charles Bent was murdered in the Taos Revolt (1847).
    It is overshadowed by the likes of both Albuquerque and Santa Fe, when it comes to cities in New Mexico.
    It has a reputation of being a hipster town.

Why Taos, New Mexico might not be annoying:

    It is ranked among one of the best mountain towns in America.
    It hosts the Not Forgotten Outreach Veterans Appreciation Ski Week every January.
    Its name translates as 'village' in the Spanish language.
    It has mostly clear skies year round.
    It is home to the historic Taos Pueblo landmark, which is located one mile north of the community.
    Its buildings are notable for their Mexican style architecture.
    It was initially built as a fortified plaza and trading outpost for the Pueblo and Hispano communties.
    It continuously displayed the American Flag at Taos Plaza, at a time when the country was facing unrest during the Civil War.
    Under orders from Kit Carson, the flag at Taos Plaza was guarded round the clock to prevent Confederate sympathisizers from trying to steal it.
    It became a hub for artists settling in the city at the turn of the 20th century.

Credit: Eddie Burphy

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