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Mike Babcock

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Hockey Coach

The Resume

Why he might be annoying:

    He is considered a coaching nomad.
    Prior to the Wings 2008 Stanley Cup playoff run, his playoff record in Detroit was viewed as a disappointment.
    In his first season as the Wings head coach, his team bowed out to the #8 seed Edmonton Oilers in the first round (2006).
    He failed to guide his Ducks back to the playoffs a year after the team made it to the Finals.
    He could not agree on a contract with the Ducks following the hiring of Brian Burke, a key factor in his resignation from the team.
    He was arrogant and abrasive towards his players.
    He was known to healthy scratch or bench star players if they were approaching a milestone game, or playing in their hometowns.
    He was fired by the Maple Leafs after it was revealed he had Mitch Marner write a list grading his teammates work ethic, only to take it and slap it on the wall in the locker room.
    He was fired by the Blue Jackets two months after being hired after an NHLPA investigation revealed he invaded his players privacies by looking through their cell phones away from team headquarters and doing it without the front office’s knowledge (September 17, 2023).

Why he might not be annoying:

    He guided the Canadian World Junior team to a gold medal (1997).
    He guided the Ducks to their first Stanley Cup Finals appearance (2003).
    He is the third McGill University alumni to land an NHL coaching job.
    He coached the Western Conference at the 2008 NHL All-Star Game.
    He is a coach who demands 110% from his players, regardless of the circumstances.

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