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The Resume

    (February 7, 1876- )
    American League (1901- )
    National League (1876- )
    Each league only had 8 teams originally. With expansions in the 1960's, 70's and 90's, the American and National has 15 teams each
    Champion teams of each league play in best-of-7 series every fall
    The Boston Red Sox won the 1st World Series (1903)
    First All Star Game was held in Chicago, Illinois (1933)
    Famous baseball related movies include 'The Natural,' 'Bad News Bears,' 'Bull Durham,' 'Field of Dreams,' 'Major League,' 'The Natural,' 'Pride of the Yankees' and 'The Sandlot'

Why Major League Baseball might be annoying:

    It has overseen 9 labor stoppages.
    Its players are paid ludicrously high salaries.
    Attendance has been falling steadily since the infamous 1994 strike, which cancelled the World Series.
    It nearly dissolved after the 1919 Black Sox Scandal, in which the Chicago White Sox were paid by gamblers to throw the Series to the Cincinnati Reds.
    Some players use illegal means to give themselves an advantage (such as corked bats, foreign substances on pitched balls, and steroids).
    It has massive amounts of free agency signings and blockbuster trades.
    It's the only sport where a team can blame a curse for performing bad and get away with it.
    The 2002 All Star Game ended in a tie when both teams ran out of pitchers.
    After that, baseball Commissioner Bud Selig decided that home field advantage for the World Series would be decided by which league won the All Star Game, not by which team had the better record.
    The Milwaukee Brewers and Houston Astros swapped leagues, the Brewers went from the AL to the NL in 1998 leaving an imbalance prior to the Astros moving to the AL to balance out the number of teams in 2013.
    The 1994 Baseball strike caused the World Series not to be played.
    National League Champion Manager John J. McGraw forbid his team to play the American League champion and thus there was no 1904 World Series.

Why Major League Baseball might not be annoying:

    The beginning of the season is the unofficial marker that spring is here.
    Babe Ruth is credited with saving it after the Black Sox Scandal, by drawing interest back to the game with his home runs.
    Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa were credited with doing the same in 1998 after the 1994 strike.
    It is 'America's Pastime.'
    Millions of little boys dream of playing in it someday.
    Even with its decline in popularity, it still draws a crowd.
    You don't have to be extremely tall, strong or fast to play it.
    Unlike basketball, football and hockey, there's an even number of white, Hispanic and black players.
    Many teams are recruiting players from Asia.
    'Cinderella stories' often happen in October.
    It's the first American sports league to have all of its teams featured on
    The most successful team in all of sports, the New York Yankees, are part of it.

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