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Lil Durk

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The Resume

    (October 19, 1992- )
    Born in Chicago, Illinois
    Birth name is Durk Derrick Banks
    Recorded the songs 'Remember My Name', 'My Beyonce', 'The Voice', 'Stay Down,' 'Broadway Girls' and 'Computer Murderers'
    Featured performer on Drake's 'Laugh Now, Cry Later' and DJ Khaled's 'Every Chance I Get'

Why he might be annoying:

    His first name is 'Durk'.
    Also, he's another rapper with 'Lil' in his stage name.
    He styles his hair into blonde-bleached dreadlocks.
    He dropped out of high school.
    He first became a father at 17, and has since fathered six kids.
    He was involved with a Chicago street gang known as the Black Disciples.
    He feuded with other rappers 6ix9ine, The Game, Tyga and Chief Keef.
    He was arrested several times for unlawful use and possession of a firearm.
    He had been arrested for the mugging and attempted murder of a man in Atlanta (June 2019).
    Soon after converting to an Islamic faith in 2016, he proclaimed himself the 'Allah of Chicago'.
    He often auto-tunes his vocals.
    His lyrics often come off as boastful and narcissistic.
    He collaborated with other controversial performers such as fellow rappers Travis Scott and Soulja Boy, rapper/singer Chris Brown, and country singer Morgan Wallen.
    He upset rock fans when his 2022 album '7220' kept the band Ghost's 'Impera' from the #1 spot on the Billboard 200 charts (mid-March 2022).

Why he might not be annoying:

    He had a rough childhood, with his father serving a life sentence in prison and his family often dealing with not having enough food at home.
    His brother Dontay Banks, Jr. was shot and killed outside a Chicago nightclub (June 6, 2021).
    He was the target of a home invasion (July 2021).

Credit: Tim the Slipperman

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