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Laura Baugh

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The Resume

    (May 31, 1955- )
    Winner of 1971 US Women's Amateur
    Winner of LPGA Rookie of the Year (1973)
    Wrote autobiography 'Out of the Rough'
    Commentator for The Golf Channel
    Starred in commercials for Ultra-Bright toothpaste (1970s)

Why she might be annoying:

    She was an alcoholic.
    She often came to tournaments drunk.
    She would hide mini champagne bottles everywhere.
    Her first marriage lasted less than a year.
    Her second marriage (to fellow golfer Bobby Cole) was unstable, as they ended up being remarried before she left him in 1998.
    Despite being an outstanding amateur player, she never won a pro tournament, and could safely be considered the Anna Kournikova of golf.

Why she might not be annoying:

    In the 1970s (and into today) she looked cute and dainty while most other female golfers looked masculine.
    She has won awards for her toothpaste commercials.
    She had seven kids, and is in remarkable shape.
    She fought her long battle with alcoholism in the late 90s and wrote a book about it.
    She brought herself to rehab.
    In an effort to show that the 'L' in LPGA didn't stand for lesbian, at seventeen, she appeared in an LPGA advertising campaign calling her the 'Fairest of the Fairway.'

Credit: Eric Hartman

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