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Bern, Switzerland

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The Resume

    (1191- )
    Also called Berne
    Founded by Berthold V, Duke of Zähringen
    Capital of Switzerland
    Capital of the canton of Bern
    2018 Population: 133,791
    Headquarters of the Universal Postal Union

Why Bern, Switzerland might be annoying:

    It got its name after the town founder caught a bear according to legend.
    It was struck by the Black Death plague (1346).
    The majority of its wooden buildings were destroyed by a fire (1405).
    It was taken over by the French troops (1798-1802).
    Vladimir Lenin used to live here.
    Drunks and vagrants are a problem at the central railway station at night.
    Its locals didn't support its bid for the 2010 Winter Olympics due a referendum in which led to city to drop out of the bidding process.

Why Bern, Switzerland might not be annoying:

    It is where Ovaltine (originally Ovomaltine) was made.
    Albert Einstein published the Annus Mirabilis papers while he resided here for a while.
    Its Old City area is labeled as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
    The Zytglogge is known for its astronomical clock.
    The Bern Minster is Switzerland's tallest cathedral.
    It is where the 1954 FIFA World Cup Final was played.
    It hosts events such as Gurtenfestival, shnit International Shortfilmfestival and Buskers Bern.

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