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Melissa O'Neil

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The Resume

    (July 12, 1988- )
    Winner of third installment of Canada’s Canadian Idol (2005)
    Released self-titled debut album in 2005

Why she might be annoying:

    She won ‘Canadian Idol’ at just seventeen.
    She dropped her Chinese last name 'Yeung.'
    She was still attending high school during the contest.
    She received an acoustic guitar for Christmas but never got around to learning to play it.
    The one item she can’t live without is her bed; she says she can sleep through anything.

Why she might not be annoying:

    Her Chinese name ‘Oh Seemun’ means ‘polite and ladylike.’
    Her voice is labeled as ‘original’ and compared to no one else.
    Her heritage is a mix of Chinese, Irish and French.
    She has an excellent relationship with her younger brother.
    She identifies with singers Norah Jones and Michelle Branch.
    She became the first female winner to win ‘Canadian Idol.’

Credit: Battyx3

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