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Salt Lake City, Utah

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The Resume

    (1826- )
    Settled by Jedediah Strong Smith (1826)
    Originally named Deseret
    Founded by Brigham Young and the Mormons (1847)
    Incorporated as a city (January 6, 1851)
    Birth place of Loretta Young, Roseanne Barr, Wilford Brimley, Edy Williams and November 1991 Playmate Tonja Marie Christensen
    Home of the 19th Winter Olympics (February 9-24, 2002)
    Home of Mormons
    90 square miles and contains approximately 175,000 people
    Capital of Utah

Why Salt Lake City, Utah might be annoying:

    Two of mass murderer Ted Bundy's victims disappeared in here (1974).
    The Unibomber blew up a computer store here (1987).
    The Salt Lake City Olympic committee admits to bribery in gaining the rights to the 2002 Olympic Games.
    The Olympic bribery scandal began when it was revealed that the Salt Lake committee (SLOC) bought a scholarship for Sonia Essomba, a daughter of an IOC member (made public on November 24, 1998).
    SLOC Chairman Garff says it is not a bribe but a 'humanitarian effort.'
    SLOC President Joklik, two weeks later revealed 13 individuals were given $393,871 in financial aid (December 8, 1998).
    International Olympic Committee (IOC) member, Holder, alleged that IOC members solicited bribes (December 12, 1998).
    Other Salt Lake City residents came forward admitting to giving free medical care, political hirings, etc to IOC related members.
    Japanese media reports that their committee spent $22,000 per visiting IOC member to get their 1998 Olympics, however all accounting records were destroyed.
    Many members of the SLOC and IOC resigned.
    Businessman David Simmons, pleaded guilty to federal tax fraud and admits to creating a sham job for the son of an IOC member (August 3, 1999).
    Salt Lake bid leaders Welch and Johnson were indicted on conspiracy and racketeering in pay outs of $1,000,000 to secure the Olympics for Salt Lake City (July 20, 2000).

Why Salt Lake City, Utah might not be annoying:

    How can they be annoying? They have the Mormons.
    They were originally found as a homeland for Mormons escaping religious persecution.
    Tony Lazzeri hit 60 home runs for the Salt Lake City Team in the PCL (1925).
    The Salt Lake City Trappers won a record 29 consecutive pro baseball games (1987).
    It is the home of the 43rd NBA All Star Game (1993).
    It was awarded the 19th Winter Olympics (June 16, 1995).
    It was selected eighth best place to live in North America (October, 1993).
    It regulated a prostitution district (1908).
    To rid the cities of rats, a bounty of 10¢ was given to anyone bringing in a dead rat (1914-15).
    Much to Salt Lake City's Olympic Organizing Committee, they were forthcoming in revealing and documenting the bribery scandal that allocated them the games.
    Former Olympic sites that did acknowledge they too bribed IOC officials and the IOC itself, had lost/destroyed much of their documentation.

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