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Star Trek: The Animated Series

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Why Star Trek: The Animated Series might be annoying:

    It is the least remembered of the ‘Star Trek’ TV shows.
    Filmation originally planned to save money by having Doohan and Barrett also perform the voices for Sulu and Uhura.
    The character of Pavel Chekov was replaced by two aliens, Arex and M’Ress.
    The cast members usually recorded their lines separately.
    Episodes were half an hour long instead of the full hour of the original series.
    As a result of recycling footage, there are several instances of a character beaming down to a planet, then showing up in the background on the bridge.
    Gene Roddenberry declared that the series was not ‘canon’ because he let the writers do things he would not have allowed if he had known Star Trek would return in live-action movies.

Why Star Trek: The Animated Series might not be annoying:

    Leonard Nimoy refused to do the show unless George Takei and Nichele Nichols were included in the voice cast.
    Walter Koenig wrote the script for the episode ‘The Infinite Vulcan,’ becoming the first cast member to write a Star Trek story.
    Since it was animated, scenes could be created that would have completely blown the special effects budget of the original series.
    The writers generally avoided dumbing down the story lines for the Saturday morning audiences.
    It won the first Emmy for the Star Trek franchise: Outstanding Entertainment Children’s Series (1974).

Credit: C. Fishel

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