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Jack Ryan

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The Resume

    (October 6, 1959- )
    Born in Wilmette, Illinois
    Birth name is John Clemens Ryan
    Investment banker
    Husband of Jeri Ryan (divorced 1999)
    Ran for the U.S. Senate in Illinois (2004)
    Lost to Barack Obama

Why he might be annoying:

    His campaign slogan was Jack! (no, literally).
    Google searches for his name overwhelmingly turn up results related the Tom Clancy character.
    He had a staff member follow then State Senator Obama throughout the day and record everything he did in public on videotape. The tactic was widely criticized.
    His and his ex-wife's divorce records were made public containing damaging allegations.
    The files alleged that he had pressured his wife to perform sexual acts and BDSMs with him in public at multiple sex clubs (although no sex occurred there).
    The scandal was devastating enough that he announced his decision to withdraw his Senate candidacy (June 25, 2004).
    He was replaced by carpetbagging Alan Keyes- who went on to lose to Obama by over two million votes in the general election.
    He never ran for office again.
    He left his start-up 22nd Century Media to launch REX, a technology-based real estate service that folded due to his mismanagement in 2022.

Why he might not be annoying:

    He worked at a refugee camp for Latinos fleeing the Central American civil wars.
    He earned degrees from Harvard Business School and Harvard Law School with honors.
    He retired as an active partner at Goldman Sachs to teach at a private Catholic high school in Chicago.
    He was being compared to John F. Kennedy, Jr.
    He was a proponent of school choice and supported vouchers for private school students.
    He and Jeri both opposed the unsealing of the divorce records because of the effect it would have on their son, who had special needs.
    He opposed unsealing the divorce records of John Kerry during Kerry's race against President Bush in 2004.
    By imploding and dropping out of the Senate race, he indirectly laid the groundwork for the election of the first black President.

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