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Ole Anderson

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The Resume

    (September 22, 1942-February 26, 2024)
    Birth name is Al Rogowski
    Wrestled for the NWA and served as booker for WCW
    Owner of Georgia Championship Wrestling
    Holder of several NWA regional titles
    Author of 'Inside Out: How Corporate America Destroyed Professional Wrestling'

Why he might be annoying:

    Many thought he was related to Arn, Lars and Gene Anderson due to the last names and he was advertised as being Ric Flair's cousin, but none of those relations were true.
    His nickname was 'The Rock,' but it had nothing to do with Dwayne Johnson.
    His sideburns connected to his mustache.
    He's known as one of the worst bookers of all-time.
    During his run as booker in WCW, he produced some of the worst gimmicks and angles that wrestling has ever seen.
    Two of his creations, The Black Scorpion and The Shockmaster, were flops from the start and he provided the voices for both characters, thinking fans wouldn't notice that both voices were exactly the same.
    His promotion, Georgia Championship Wrestling, was one of the WWF's many victims, as Anderson sold the company to Vince McMahon after the WWF took their time slot on WTBS.

Why he might not be annoying:

    He was one of the original members of The Four Horsemen.
    As a member of the Horsemen, he was involved in some of the greatest feuds and angles ever, including breaking Dusty Rhodes' leg. Their feud with the Super Powers & the Road Warriors was named Feud of the Year in PWI in 1987.
    He was known for his brutal toughness in the wrestling ring.
    He was once stabbed while leaving the ring.
    He was a tag team specialist, having some legendary teams with Arn Anderson and Stan Hansen.
    He and Gene Anderson were named Tag Team of the Year in PWI in 1975 and 1977.
    His team with Gene Anderson, called The Minnesota Wrecking Crew, was a huge success and it spawned many incarnations that remain to this day.
    He's ranked #86 in Total Wrestling Magazine's 100 Greatest Heels of All-Time.

Credit: Reo Rogerz

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