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The Resume

    (1901- )
    Born in St. Louis, Missouri
    Founded by John Francis Queeny
    Maker of saccharin (later sold to Coca-Cola, Agent Orange, bovine growth hormones, and DDT
    Leading producer of genetically modified organisms (GMOs), including seeds
    Manufacturer of herbicides

Why Monsanto might be annoying:

    If you google 'Monsanto' and 'evil,' you get a lot of links.
    It tries to prohibit dairy farmers who don't use growth hormones from advertising this.
    It has created a lot of hazardous waste sites.
    It illegally dumped toxic waste in the UK.
    It sells genetically modified seeds to farmers but doesn't let them keep the seeds from those crops.
    It has a monopoly on many crops in the US.
    If pollen from GMO crops drifts to a neighboring farm, it sues the farmers for piracy.
    It targets small farms, family farmers, seed dealers, and even small stores who don't have the money for expensive lawsuits.
    Its pesticides are potentially dangerous to the environment.

Why Monsanto might not be annoying:

    Forbes magazine named it one of the ten most innovative companies in the world.
    It is a corporate sponsor for a lot of attractions at Disneyland and Disney World.
    It has stayed in business despite everything (lobbying may have something to do with it).

Credit: Truffle

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