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The Resume

    (1944- )
    Located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
    Three NFL championships (1948, 1949, 1960)
    One Super Bowl championship (LII)
    Nine retired numbers: Donovan McNabb's #5, Steve Van Buren's #15, Brian Dawkins's #20, Tom Brookshier's #40, Pete Retzlaff's #44, Chuck Bednarik's #60, Al Wistert's #70, Reggie White's #92 and Jerome Brown's #99

Why they might be annoying:

    It took them over fifty years to win a Super Bowl.
    They lost their first Super Bowl game 27-10 against the Oakland Raiders.
    They were considered under achievers for many years.
    They opened their 2003 season with a new stadium, Lincoln Financial Field, which they lost their first game in.
    They lost three consecutive NFC Championship Games (2002-04).
    They are the first NFL Team to lose two straight championship games at home (2003-04).

Why they might not be annoying:

    They appeared in the playoffs in four consecutive seasons (1978-81).
    Their Pro Bowl defensive lineman, Jerome Brown, was killed in an automobile accident (1992). The Eagle's players would dedicate the 1993 season to him and end up reaching the Divisional round in the playoffs.
    They had a black quarterback, Randall Cunningham, even when it wasn't considered as accepted as it is today.
    Randall Cunningham threw for 30 touchdowns and rushed for over a 1000 yards in an Eagles jersey (1990).
    They have a great rivalry against the Dallas Cowboys.
    They were the first team to host three straight NFC Championships (2003-05).
    They were the only team to appear in every NFL playoffs during 2000-04.

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