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Harriet Martineau

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The Resume

    (June 12, 1802-June 27, 1876)
    Born in Norwich, Norfolk, England, United Kingdom
    Essayist, novelist, journalist, and lecturer
    Best known works are ‘Society in America’ (1837) and ‘The Positive Philosophy of Auguste Comte, Freely Translated and Condensed’ (1853)
    Wrote the novels ‘Deerbrook’ (1939), ‘The Crofton Boys’ (1841), and ‘The Hour and the Man’ (1841)
    Other works include ‘Illustrations of Political Economy’ (1832–34), ‘Retrospect of Western Travel’ (1838), ‘Poor Laws and Paupers’ (1833–34), ‘Illustrations of Taxation’ (1834), and ‘The History of the Thirty Years’ Peace’ (1849)

Why she might be annoying:

    She became increasingly skeptical of organized religion after touring Egypt, even of her own liberal Unitarianism.
    Not long afterward, she started talking up the wonders of being an atheist (that didn't make her many friends either).
    She was critical of Margaret Fuller and her Transcendentalist 'conversations' on several occasions.
    Her autobiography was published posthumously.

Why she might not be annoying:

    She was an early Anti-Slavery advocate.
    She is arguably the first female sociologist.
    She lost her hearing early in life and later had heart disease.
    She wrote over 1,500 leading articles for the British Daily News between 1852 and 1866.
    She helped to create the popular genres of the school story and the travelogue book.
    She made a trip to the Middle East to study the ancient religions and their evolution, in 1846.
    She corresponded regularly with Charles Darwin and his family.
    Young Queen Victoria (then a Princess) enjoyed her work so much that she invited her to attend her 1838 coronation ceremony.

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