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Dennis Muren

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The Resume

    (November 1, 1946- )
    Born in Glendale, California
    Joined Industrial Light and Magic (1976)
    Visual effects artist for 'Star Wars' (1977), 'Close Encounters of the Third Kind' (1977), 'Battlestar Galactica (1978-79), 'The Empire Strikes Back' (1980), 'Dragonslayer' (1981), 'E.T. -- The Extraterrestrial' (1982), 'Return of the Jedi' (1983), 'Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom' (1984), 'Young Sherlock Holmes' (1985), 'Innerspace' (1987), 'Willow' (1988), 'The Abyss' (1989), 'Terminator 2: Judgment Day' (1991), 'Jurassic Park' (1993), 'Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace' (1999), 'AI: Artificial Intelligence' (2001), 'Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones' (2002), 'The Hulk' (2003) and 'War of the Worlds' (2005)

Why he might be annoying:

    He got his start doing commercials with the Pillsbury Dough Boy and Green Giant and the sci-fi/porno spoof 'Flesh Gordon' (1974).
    He looks like Ronald Lacey and stood in for the absent actor in 'Raiders of the Lost Ark,' looking over a Life magazine as Indiana Jones boards a passenger plane.
    He favors applying 3-D to old movies like 'Casablanca.' (As if colorizing movies wasn't intrusive enough.)

Why he might not be annoying:

    Growing up, he made 8-mm films with his friend, future Oscar-winning make-up artist Rick Baker.
    He won six Academy Awards for visual effects (as of 2010), plus three special achievement Oscars.
    He became the first special effects artist honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame (1999).

Credit: C. Fishel

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