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Astronomical Object
    Formed somewhere between 4,800,000,000 BC and 4000 BC
    One of eight satellites of the star Sol and the third closest
    Has one natural satellite of its own (Luna)
    Nicknamed 'The Blue Planet' and 'Third Rock from the Sun'
    Diameter: 7900 miles
    Most populous city is Tokyo
    Other planets in the Solar system are named after Roman mythological figures, but this one is named after dirt!
    Depending on whom you ask, it ranges from 6000 years old to over 4.8 billion years.
    Most of it is underwater.
    Less than one-fourth of it is inhabited.
    Long, long ago, in a galaxy far, far away, residents of the planet Naboo created light sabers, flew Millennium Falcon spaceships, and used The Force on a daily basis. Today, most people from Earth can't even program their VCR's.
    At one time, its most popular TV show was 'Baywatch.'
    Pharaoh Ramses, Julius Caesar, Napoléon Bonaparte, and Adolf Hitler were born there.
    Its oldest profession is prostitution.
    It used to be run by Kings, Queens, Pharaohs and Tzars, now it's run by corporations.
    Humans pollute Earth's air, water and soil for their own convenience.
    The farthest any Earthling has ever been away from home is approximately 250,000 miles, or 0.0000000000000002% of the length of the known universe.
    Inhabitants used to think it was the center of the universe, and that everything else in the universe revolved around it (today, most people think that about themselves).
    Its most widely used calendar lists Christ's birth as circa 6 BC, because some guy miscalculated the year of Christ's birthday to begin with.
    It is the densest planet in the Solar system.
    Its average annual temperature is 57°F, even though humans aren't comfortable until it's 68°F.
    The inhabitants can't agree on one god (or if there is one at all).
    Most of the inhabitants don't recognize that April 22 is Earth Day.
    Earth's creatures are killed daily from natural disasters, such as floods, tsunamis, earthquakes, tornadoes, volcanic activity and tropical storms.
    It's the only planet known to have (what we consider) intelligent life.
    There are many different creatures in many different colors and breeds.
    It has no capital, just many different independent nations and several territories, each with its own capital city.
    It was named Time Magazine's 'Planet of the Year' (1988), beating out all the competition.
    Humans have created brilliant methods of global communication, include the telephone, radio, TV and internet.
    Most of the people, places, and things featured on Am I Annoying or Not? are from there.
    Even though men are from Mars, and women are from Venus, they all moved to Earth.

Credit: Gregg

    For 2021, as of last week, Out of 77 Votes: 0% Annoying
    In 2020, Out of 77 Votes: 42.86% Annoying
    In 2019, Out of 4 Votes: 25.00% Annoying
    In 2018, Out of 3 Votes: 66.67% Annoying
    In 2017, Out of 6 Votes: 50.0% Annoying
    In 2016, Out of 152 Votes: 61.18% Annoying
    In 2015, Out of 24 Votes: 33.33% Annoying
    In 2014, Out of 21 Votes: 57.14% Annoying
    In 2013, Out of 41 Votes: 41.46% Annoying
    In 2012, Out of 296 Votes: 50.0% Annoying
    In 2011, Out of 62 Votes: 45.16% Annoying
    In 2010, Out of 142 Votes: 61.97% Annoying
    In 2009, Out of 147 Votes: 37.41% Annoying
    In 2008, Out of 190 Votes: 33.68% Annoying
    In 2007, Out of 804 Votes: 43.53% Annoying
    In 2006, Out of 500 Votes: 51.20% Annoying
    In 2005, Out of 1014 Votes: 42.50% Annoying
    In 2004, Out of 888 Votes: 41.22% Annoying
    In 2003, Out of 3262 Votes: 41.66% Annoying
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