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Vicky & Casey White

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The Resume

    Vicky White (1966-May 10, 2022); died by self inflicted wound from gun shot
    Casey Cole White (1984- )
    Vicky - Correctional Services Guard at Lauderdale County Prison in Florence, Alabama
    Casey - Convicted of two counts of first-degree kidnapping and attempted murder, sentenced to 75 years in prison (2019); later charged with capital murder (2020)
    Subject of a nationwide manhunt, after Vicky aided Casey in escaping Lauderdale County Jail (April 29, 2022)

Why they might be annoying:

    It is speculated the two were romantically involved, which is forbidden.
    Vicky is divorced.
    Vicky is 18 years older than Casey.
    Casey was accused of fatally stabbing a woman to death.
    Casey went on a rampage, going to his ex-girlfriend's house, pointing guns at two men and killing a dog in the process (2015).
    Casey attempted to hijack several motorists by shooting them.
    Vicky tarnished her reputation by falsifying a release form for Casey, knowing he was a high risk to the public.
    On top of that, Vicky violated corrections policy by taking Casey off the grounds by herself, when two officers are to be present.
    The appointment in question that Vicky was taking Casey to did not exist, which was confirmed by the jail.
    Casey often changes his appearance, alternating between shaving his head bald and growing long hair.
    Vicky sold her house weeks before the escape and was living at her mother's.
    Vicky gave Casey special treatment in comparison to the other prisoners, which was made public at the time of the escape.
    The circumstances played out like the relationship between the prison guard and the inmate in the music video for Cole Swindell and Lainey Wilson's single 'Never Say Never.'

Why they might not be annoying:

    Thankfully they are not related to each other, despite having the same surname.
    Casey is extremely tall, at 6'9", which would make it impossible for him to avoid getting recaptured.
    Vicky was an employee at the jail for 25 years, prior to her indiscretion.
    Vicky was set to retire from the corrections department on the day she snuck Casey out of prison.
    Vicky was well-liked by her peers, many of which were shocked when she got involved with Casey.
    Casey owned up and took responsibility for his role in the 2015 slaying that got him incarcerated.
    Both parties faced serious repercussions as a result of their actions.

Credit: Eddie Burphy

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