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Astronomical Object

The Resume

    First asteroid discovered Ceres (1801- )
    Asteroids are primarily Earthlike rocks or nickle or iron
    65,000 asteroids were discovered from (1998-2001)
    Contains over 100,000 asteroids (AKA minor planets and planetoids)
    Primarily between Mars and Jupiter

Why Asteroid Belt might be annoying:

    Scientists believe the asteroids are the remaining materials of a planet that came apart or just did not form.
    It took nearly 50 years to find the first 10 asteroids.
    Most asteroids are small with jagged edges and are not hospitable.
    It rhymes with hemorrhoids.

Why Asteroid Belt might not be annoying:

    It gives some validity to Bode's law which predicts the distance between planets. According to the law, a planet should exist between Mars and Jupiter.
    By 1987 only 5,000 asteroids were plotted, however by the year 2002 over 100,000 were known.
    The odds of Earth being hit by an asteroid that would do substantial damage is minimal.
    The 1998 sci-fi thriller 'Armageddon' focused on an asteroid colliding with Earth. Barringer Meteor Crater near Winslow, Arizona was formed by an asteroid.
    Asteroids have been found from Venus to Saturn although the great majority are between Mars and Jupiter.
    Because there are so many asteroids to name, some are given names of pop culture icons.
    The entire Monty Python (#13681) crew is represented as asteroids, with Grahamchapman (#9617), Johncleese (#9618), Terrygilliam (#9619), Ericidle (#9620), Michaelpalin (#9621) and Terryjones (#9622).
    Pop music is represented with Springsteen (#23990) and all 4 Beatles (#8749) - Lennon (#4147), McCartney (#4148), Harrison (#4149) and Starr (#4150).
    The Three Stooges are there too, Moe (#30439), Larry (#30440), Curly (#30441) and even the one that gets no respect Shemp (#30444).
    There is Star Trek's Roddenberry (#4659) and Mr. Spock (#2309).
    Writers like Shakespeare (#2985), Swift (#5035), Jack London (#2625) and Hitchhiker Guide to the Galaxy's Douglasadams (#25924) and his lead character Arthurdent (#18610).
    Some other fame asteroid names include Benfranklin (#5102), Jackierobinson (#4319), Jacquescousteau (#6542), James Bond (#9007), Robinhood (#18932), Gracekelly (#9341) Robinwilliams (#12820) and Kirkdouglas (#19578).
    Comedic duos like Laurel (#2865) and Hardy (#2866) and Abbott (#17023) and Costello (#17024)
    If one is creative one can combine two asteroids and make Howard (#12561) Stern (#6373).
    Reference: Minor Planet Center (MPC) - Harvard

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