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Ask Men's Top 10 Philosophers

Influenced by Friedrich Nietzche

Influenced by Hannah Arendt

Influenced by Joseph Campbell

Influenced by Reinhold Niebuhr

Influenced by Teilhard de Chardin

Lost Characters Named After Philosophers

Philosophers: 18th Century [1700-1800]

Philosophers: 19th Century [1800-1900]

Philosophers: 20th Century [1900-2000]

Philosophers: Classic Greek [450-300 BC]

Philosophers: Hellenistic Period [350 BC - 700 AD]

Philosophers: Medieval Period [800-1250 AD]

Philosophers: Monty Python's Bruce's Philosopher Song

Philosophers: Pre-Socratic

Philosophers: Renaissance [1250-1500]

Philosophers: Transitional to Modern Thought [1550-1700]

UK Guardian's Simon Critchley's Top 10 Philosophers' Deaths


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