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Star Jones

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TV Personality

The Resume

    (March 24, 1962- )
    Birth name is Starlet Marie Jones
    Co-host/pig on 'The View ' (1997-June 2006)
    Wrote 'You have to Stand for Something or You Will Fall For Anything' and 'Shine: A Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual Journey to Finding Love'
    Engaged (February 15, 2004)
    Married Al Reynolds (November 13, 2004)

Why she might be annoying:

    She asked 'How do you feel?' to Crown Heights rioter, Lemrick Nelson, three times during a 2 minute interview.
    She looks like Al Sharpton in drag.
    She is a wig wearing, pompous media whore.
    She wears tons of makeup and allegedly smells like crap.
    She is so clumsy she fell off an exercise bike on the show.
    Her fiancé, Al Reynolds, proposed to her courtside during the NBA All Star Game (February 15, 2004).
    She had product placement sponsorships at her wedding (2004).
    She ranked #1 on Women's Entertainments 'Bridezillas of 2004' list.
    She publicly scolded her co-hosts on 'The View' because they changed the seating arrangement at her wedding.
    She said she lost weight through diet and exercise, avoiding acknowledgement that she had surgery, prompting Rosie O'Donnell to say 'Yeah, I'd like to see that bitch do a push-up.'
    After writing 'Shine' she invited internet users to write their thoughts on her blog. She quickly erased the comments saying 'anything that falls under the category of pure hateration will just be deleted from my blog.' - way to take criticism!
    Her husband allegedly is gay.
    Hours, after saying she was leaving 'The View' under good terms, she bad mouthed ABC and was fired immediately! (June 2006).
    She posted contact information on her web site so her fan(s) could complain to ABC, Barbar Walters and 'The View.'

Why she might not be annoying:

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