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Jared Padalecki

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The Resume

    (July 19, 1982- )
    Acted in 'A Little Inside (2001)'
    Portrays Dean on 'Gilmore Girls'

Why he might be annoying:

    Many Gilmore Girls fans have trouble separating him from reality.
    He thinks his female fans treat him like cattle, herding him in their dreams.
    He kind of has the face of an Ewok.
    He started performing in school plays and taking acting classes during middle school.
    He likes to name drop Freddie Prinze, Jr. because they have the same manager.
    He reside in Los Angeles.
    He ditched his plans to attend the University of Texas for acting.

Why he might not be annoying:

    Sometimes it looks like he washes his hair.
    He beat out over 7,000 entrants in the 2000 Presidential Scholar Award for the National Foundation for Advancement of the Arts.
    He says being with his family is the happiest place on Earth.
    He won a talent search through Planet Hollywood.
    He likes sports and reading.
    He works hard to hide his southern accent.

Credit: Skunk Butt

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