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Imogene Coca

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The Resume

    (November 18, 1908-June 2, 2001)
    Birth name is Imogene Fernandez de Coca
    Died at 92 from natural causes in Westport, Connecticut
    Appeared in Movies:'Bashful Ballerina,' 'Dime A Dance,' 'They Meet Again,' 'Under the Yum Yum Tree,' 'Rabbit Test,' 'National Lampoon's Vacation,' 'Nothing Lasts Forever,' 'Papa Was A Preacher' and 'Buy & Cell'
    Starred in TV Shows:'Your Show of Shows' (1950-1954), 'The Imogene Coca Show' (1954-1955) and 'Sid Caesar Invites You' (1958)

Why she might be annoying:

    She kept the same silly pageboy haircut throughout her career.
    In real life, she was a shy and quiet lady.
    Her comedy career started after the heat failed at a theater and they sent her out on stage while the electricity was being fixed.

Why she might not be annoying:

    She was severely injured in a car accident, causing her to lose sight in her right eye, split her leg open, break her cheekbone and fracture her ankle (1973).
    She took piano lessons at five years old, singing lessons at six, dance lessons at seven, made her stage debut at nine and her solo singing debut at eleven.
    She is best remembered for acting with Sid Caesar, Carl Reiner and Howard Morris for a variety of TV shows and specials.
    At the time of her death, she suffered from Alzheimer's disease.
    She was a big animal lover and one time she bought an injured duck and nursed the duck back to good health.
    She was widowed twice, married to her first husband for 20 years and her second husband for 27.
    She won an emmy for 'Best Actress' on the same night that her comedy partner Sid Caesar won the 'Best Actor' award. (1952)

Credit: Whitestrpsrocker

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