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Miguel De Cervantes

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The Resume

    (September 29, 1547-April 23, 1616)
    Best known for writing 'Don Quixote (1605)'
    Authored 'La Galatea (1585),' 'Novelas Ejemplares (1613)' and 'The Labors of Persiles and Sigismunda: A Northern Story (1617)'
    Wrote the plays 'El Trato de Argel' and 'La Numancia'

Why he might be annoying:

    He was vain and pretentious.
    He was never painted or sculpted in his lifetime, making his true appearance a mystery.
    His attempts at poetry are generally regarded as pretty bad (even he didn't like them).
    He fathered a daughter out of wedlock before marrying another woman nearly twenty years his junior.
    He was arrested twice for financial entanglements.
    He was excommunicated for awhile after accidentally stealing corn that belonged to a church.
    He lost most of the wealth he gained from 'Don Quixote' because he sucked at managing his money.

Why he might not be annoying:

    While serving as a soldier for the Italians, his left hand was crippled.
    He was captured by the Turks during a battle and toiled as a slave for five years.
    He had no problem poking fun at chivalry.
    His book 'Don Quixote' is generally considered one of the greatest and most important works in Western writing.
    He influenced scores of writers to come, from Dickens to James Joyce.
    He died the same date as William Shakespeare.

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