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The Resume

    (December 1987- )
    Founded in 1987 by Shiek Ahmed Yassin as Islamic resistance movement against Israel
    Called for a 'holy war' to create an Islamic state from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea
    Formed 'Izzedine al-Qassam Brigades' as a military wing to attack Israelis
    First car bombing killed eight (1994)
    First suicide bombing killed five people in city of Hadera (April 13, 1994)
    Suicide bombing in bus killed 22 (October 19, 1994)
    Suicide bomber blew up 21 outside of Tel Aviv disco (June 1, 2001)
    15 killed in Jerusalem restaurant (August 9, 2001).
    Hamas leader Ismail Shanab killed in an Israeli air strike (August 21, 2003)
    Bombers killed 10 at port city of Ashdod (March 14, 2004)
    Founder, Shiek Yassin, killed in Israeli air strike in Gaza City (March 2004)

Why Hamas might be annoying:

    They killed dozens of innocent people and will likely continue killing.
    They are cowards, blowing up women and children on buses rather than fighting honorably against Israeli soldiers.
    They send young children to blow themselves up.
    Their actions hurt their own people rather than help them, as each time they attack Jews, Israel attacks back, perpetuating a cycle of violence.
    They call Israel and Ariel Sharon terrorists, while seeing their own terrorism as 'freedom fighting.'
    Their outfits resemble the KKK.
    They are not concerned about collateral damage to Palestinian civilians inflicted in the course of their attacks.
    Ironically, the first three letters of their name is ham, something they are forbidden to eat.

Why Hamas might not be annoying:

    They see themselves as fighting for a just cause.
    Some argue that they must resort to terror because of Israel's occupation of their land.
    They enjoy widespread support in the Arab world.
    They are committed to their religion.

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