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Heath Ledger

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The Resume

    (April 4, 1979-January 22, 2008)
    Films include 'The Dark Knight,' 'Brokeback Mountain,' 'The Patriot' 'Ten Things I Hate About You' and 'A Knight's Tale'
    Began acting at the Globe Shakespeare Company in Perth, Australia
    Starred in the Australian TV show, 'Sweat,' where he took on one of the first Australian television gay roles
    Dated Lisa Zane, Heather Graham Naomi Watts and Michelle Williams
    Found dead at 28 in New York City (January 22, 2008)

Why he might be annoying:

    He choreographed a dance routine at an all guys high school for a nationwide high-school dance competition.
    He was turned down for the part of Max on the TV show 'Roswell.'
    His father's name is Kim.
    Miramax co-chairman, Harvey Weinstein, stopped production of the movie, Calico, because he didn't like Heath (the star of the film).
    He was accused of refusing interviews to those who had helped him succeed.
    He was a big fan of Janis Joplin.
    He was shy.

Why he might not be annoying:

    He played hockey in school.
    He claimed that he was not affected by his parents' divorce (he was 10 years old).
    He tried to only act in movies that had quality scripts.
    He is ranked in People Magazine's 50 Most beautiful People in the World (2001).

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