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Donald Trump

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U.S. President

The Resume

    (June 14, 1946- )
    Executive Chairman of Trump Hotels & Casino Resorts, Inc.
    Reality show mogul on 'The Apprentice' (2004)
    Married Melania Knauss (January 22, 2005)
    45th President of the United States (elected November 8, 2016)
    Acquitted in impeachment trial by US Senate, along a mostly party line vote (February 5, 2020)
    First former US president to be indicted by grand jury (March 30, 2023)

Why he might be annoying:

    He thinks he can run this country with no political experience.
    The president he most identifies with is Ronald Reagan.
    He has a fetish for Eastern European heavily accented women.
    His mouth gets him in a lot of trouble.
    He was 900 million dollars in debt.
    He has a bad comb over.
    He is twice divorced.
    He does an effeminate hand gesture when he fires someone on 'The Apprentice.'
    He likes to decorate ostentatiously.
    He married Marla Maples after getting her pregnant.
    He has a huge ego, making sure his name is prominent through out Manhattan and Atlantic City.
    After he made what many considered disparaging remarks about Mexican immigrants, Univision and NBC cut ties with him, opting not to air any pageants or programming he was associated with (June 2015).

Why he might not be annoying:

    He's able to get wealthy people to part with their money.
    He came out of a $900 million hole.
    He promised his daughter he would never date anyone younger than her.
    He is excellent at self-promotion.

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