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Thich Nhat Hanh

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Religious Figure

The Resume

    (October 11, 1926-January 22, 2022)
    Instrumental in starting the peace movement in the 1960's
    Persuaded Martin Luther King, Jr. to oppose the Vietnam War publicly
    Authored more than 100 publications, most notably his seminal book on mindfulness, 'Peace is Every Step'

Why he might be annoying:

    He gave his monastic community in Bordeaux France the new-age name 'Plum Village.'
    His names for his other communal projects are 'Sweet Potatoes Community' (1975), the 'Dharma Cloud Temple' (1988), the 'Dharma Nectar Temple' (1988), the 'Adornment of Loving Kindness Temple' (1995), the 'Maple Forest Monastery' (1998), the 'Green Mountain Dharma Center nunnery' (1998), the 'Mindfulness Practice Center' (1998) and the 'Deer Park Monastery.' (2000)
    Thây's fourteen precepts for mindful living all start with 'Do not ....'
    Several websites dedicated to Thây have the quote 'The finger pointing at the moon is not the moon.' (No shit, Sherlock.)

Why he might not be annoying:

    His nickname is Thây (teacher).
    He taught at Columbia, Princeton and the Sorbonne.
    His political message is 'Engaged Buddhism' (Buddhist's should actively engage in the world rather than retreat from it.)
    He teaches 'mindfulness' (The awareness of our own body, our relationships with others and of the world around us).
    Martin Luther King, Jr. nominated Thich Nhat Hanh for the Nobel Peace Prize (1967).
    Profits from the sale of the Plum Village plums are used to assist hungry children in Vietnam.
    He instituted the 'School of Youth for Social Service' (a Peace Corps of sorts for young Buddhists).
    He was banned by both the non-Communist and Communist governments for his role in undermining the violence in Vietnam (1966).
    In his Nobel nominating letter, Martin Luther King called Thây 'an apostle of peace and non-violence.'

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