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Larry the Cable Guy

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The Resume

    (February 17, 1963- )
    Birth name is Dan Whitney
    Began career in the mid eighties
    Recorded comedy album 'Lord I Apologize'

Why he might be annoying:

    He grew up on a pig farm.
    He has the thickest redneck accent, ever.
    He jokes about incest and other gross topics.
    The cover of his comedy album contains an old lady being pushed out of her wheelchair.
    His catch phrase is 'Git 'r done!'
    He makes fun of gays, the mentally disabled, the obese, the blind, the deaf, people with piercings, his family, Jews, foreign people ...

Why he might not be annoying:

    He tends to know when he's gone far enough, with a running joke of apologizing to God onstage (hence the album title 'Lord I Apologize').
    He's extremely likable.
    He was a 'social commentator' on a radio show.
    He's good at making ridiculous analogies (such as '...more frustrated than a queer with tonsillitis on Valentine's Day!' or '...madder than Jesse Jackson at the airport having to answer the white courtesy phone!').
    He rarely resorts to profanity to enhance his jokes.
    He said 'Everybody makes fun of a redneck until their car breaks down!'
    He joined Jeff Foxworthy, Bill Engvall and Ron White on the hugely successful Blue Collar Comedy Tour.

Credit: Captain Hair

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