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Sage Steele

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The Resume

    (November 28, 1972- )
    Born in Panama Canal Zone, Panama
    Sports anchor for ESPN (debuted in 2007)
    Appeared on 'SportsCenter' and 'NBA Countdown', among other programs

Why she might be annoying:

    She thinks teachers should keep their opinions to themselves, yet, she's very opinionated and thinks everyone needs to hear what she thinks.
    She was suspended by ESPN for comments she made on Jay Cutler's podcast.
    She opposed 'scary' Covid 19 vaccine mandates, but was scared to use her social media to troll people who took the pandemic a little more seriously than her.
    She criticized President Barack Obama for identifying as black instead of bi-racial, since he had a white mother and a black father who was 'nowhere to be found'.
    She sued ESPN and parent company Disney for violating her constitutional right to free speech after she was suspended for her comments.

Why she might not be annoying:

    She graduated Indiana University.
    She's a proud mom of 3 with wonderful relationships with her parents, she's family oriented and focused.
    Her official ESPN press bio listed her as one of ESPN's most popular on-air personalities.
    She hosted the Scripps Howard National Spelling Bee for several years.
    While suspended for making 'political comments' unrelated to sports, she had a point about ESPN's 'selective enforcement' of this policy - after all, ESPN employed the likes of Stephen A. Smith and Jemele Hill.

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