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Tane McClure

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The Resume

    (June 8, 1958- )
    Born in Pacific Palisades, California
    American actress and singer
    Daughter of late actor Doug McClure
    Movies include; 'Death House,' 'Crawlspace,' 'Legally Blonde' 1 and 2, 'Go,' 'Revamped' and 'Tequila Express'
    Starred in TV series 'Nightcap'
    Appeared in Toby Keith video 'You Shouldn't Kiss Me Like That'
    Sang with bands Sweet Honesty and Tryanglz

Why she might be annoying:

    She married and divorced Journey keyboardist Jonathan Cain.
    There has been considerable confusion over the pronunciation of her name. When she was married to Jonathan Cain people pronounced her name like Tain Cain. For the record it is pronounced Tah-nay.
    Her only album only reached #121 on the Billboard charts, and she seems to have abandoned recording music.
    She has implants.
    Her acting career had been reduced to softcore porn by the late nineties.
    She has a mediocre website that sometimes goes years without being updated.

Why she might not be annoying:

    She has definitely kept her looks.
    She performed three songs that appeared in the movie 'The Terminator.'
    She inspired the Journey song, 'Faithfully.'
    She inherited her father's famous smile.
    She's willing to poke fun at her sexy image with her appearances in the 'Legally Blonde' movies and the Toby Keith video.
    She's a very good horseback rider and has done her own riding stunts.

Credit: tom_jeffords

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