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Buffalo Bills

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Sports Team

The Resume

    (1960- )
    Located in Buffalo, New York
    Two AFL championships (1964, 1965)
    No Super Bowl championships
    Three retired numbers: Jim Kelly's #12, Thurman Thomas's #34 and Bruce Smith's #78

Why they might be annoying:

    So, is their mascot supposed to be a buffalo or a bill?
    They have yet to win a Super Bowl.
    OJ Simpson spent much of his career with them (1969-77).
    It took them over 17 years after joining the NFL to reach the AFC Championship Game (1988).
    They lost four straight Super Bowls (1991-94).
    They lost by a combined 66 points in their four Super Bowl losses, including a 52-17 loss against the Dallas Cowboys (1993).

Why they might not be annoying:

    Pete Gogolak revolutionized the way kickers kick in the NFL. He was the first to kick the football soccer-style, meaning he used the side of his foot instead of the toe.
    O.J. Simpson set the NFL single-season rushing record, which has since been broken three times over, in a Bills jersey (1972).
    To their credit, there aren't many NFL teams that can say that they were able to even play in four Super Bowls, nevertheless go to four consecutive Super Bowls.
    Jim Kelly spent his entire career with them.
    Bruce Smith, who is the all-time sack leader in NFL history, recorded 171 of his 200 sacks in a Bills jersey.
    Fans are willing to sit in the freezing cold to watch them play.
    They have great rivalries with the New York Jets and Miami Dolphins.

Credit: Poeboy and His Name is Robert

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