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Mark Russell

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The Resume

    (August 23, 1932-March 30, 2023)
    Born in Buffalo, New York
    Birth name is Mark Ruslander
    Resided in Washington, D.C.
    Known for his political satire specials on PBS
    Commentator for CNN’s ‘Inside Politics Weekend’

Why he might be annoying:

    His trademark is a bow tie.
    His jokes are very corny.
    His entire act consists of song parodies about political figures.
    His comedy is filled with obscure political allusions.
    His pop-culture references are often hopelessly out of date.
    PBS eventually canceled his contract.

Why he might not be annoying:

    He is in the Buffalo Broadcasters’ Hall of Fame.
    He served in the Marine Corps.
    He’s been married more than 25 years.
    A drunk once spilled some liquor on his baby daughter’s head.
    He was satirized on ‘The Simpsons.’
    He can make fun of himself.
    He maintained a fan following of elderly people who like politics.

Credit: Wieland Kalligaro

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